About Mozanu

Selling at eBay and Etsy now as Mozanu.

@mozanuapp on Twitter

Short story: After operating a motorcycle repair shop and an e-commerce business for over twenty years, I shut it all down and began a new venture called Unazom. In order to gain space for inventory I needed to liquidate 25 years of stuff. So using eBay and Etsy ( 946Collection ) for the last few years I have sold a lot. If you noticed Mozanu is Unazom spelled backwards. Mozanu is not a business. This website (.app) is just a platform to get the word out about the different items I am trying to find a new home for, and it let’s you navigate the Etsy booth, eBay store and the Twitter account from one place.

Some old Harley Davidson archive stuff also left over from the motorcycle shop is located at Crankp.in