About Mozanu

Selling at eBay and Etsy as Mozanu. @mozanuapp on Twitter

“Mozanu” is an unlimited reseller of mostly “secondhand” items. Rather than operating a physical location for local sales I instead leverage the wide customer base offered by platforms like eBay and Etsy.

Short story: After operating a brick and mortar shop and an e-commerce business for over twenty years, I shut it all down and began a new venture of “re-commerce”. In order to gain space for inventory I needed to liquidate 25 years of stuff. So using eBay and Etsy for the last few years I have sold a lot. Mozanu is not a business. This website (.app) is just a platform to get the word out about the different items I am trying to find a new home for, and it let’s you navigate the Etsy booth, eBay store and the Twitter account from one place.